Bruce Cedar

Profile Updated: September 18, 2009
Residing In: Chestnut Hill, MA USA
Pre-Retirement Occupation: Psychologist, Consultant, Employee Assistance
Spouse/Partner: Nonnie Hamovitch
Children: 3 Daughters:
Tessa - 25
Arielle - 22
Emma - 19
How did you find our class website?

I was invited.

Do you still have family that live around Crystal Lake?

No. My Mother and sister now live in central Wisconsin.

How often do you get back to Crystal Lake?

I was last there 20 years ago.

Would you ever move back to the Crystal Lake area?

I doubt it.

What got you into the kind of work you are or were doing?

My first job after graduate school included on-site time at a local company. Employee assistance work became a greater part of my professional practice. In 1990 I started my own business.

What previous jobs did you do?

Not many. Worked as a counselor in a residential program for emotionally disturbed children. Worked in psychiatric hospital. Worked as an outpatient psychologist.

What did you do immediately following high school?

Attended the University of Illinois in Urbana.

What do you see yourself doing in 2029?

I expect to continue working for at least another 10 years and imagine that I will continue to be in the greater Boston area.

How long have you been married?

28 years



Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

I am in touch with Crystal Lake friends who I attended college with: Dave Krchak, Tom and Joan Winkle.

What have been the high points of your life since high school?

I have loved my family life and raising three daughters. Nonnie and I have now entered the next phase of our family life with all of the girls out of the house. I have also enjoyed starting and running our business. Nonnie and I work together in this venture.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I try to stay physically active. I do a fair amount of long distance cycling. I also love to ski. We try to travel although our business has made extensive travel difficult.

Places you want to visit but have not yet done so?

I do hope that we will be able to travel to India and China in the next decade.

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