Vivian McCarthy Tipler

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Vivian McCarthy
Residing In: Kingston Springs, TN USA
Pre-Retirement Occupation: Hairdresser
Spouse/Partner: Larry Tipler
Children: I have 2 wonderful hardworking, productive and beautiful children. Kelly age 34, born 1974 and Chad More…30, born 1978.
Vivian McCarthy


Yes! Attending Reunion
How did you find our class website?

I had a call from Barbara Lachenmaier while I was in Arizonia with my Mom. My husband chatted with her and I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get home to check into this website. Everytime I check in I am just amazed. Susie Wallens sent a Web invite also.

If you could build a second house anywhere, where would it be?

Anywhere that has a beach and warm. My husband would love to move to Mexico. I'm not so sure at this time. I'm content with a beach, a book and an umbrella drink.

Do you still have family that live around Crystal Lake?

Yes. I have a sister and brother still there and extended family of cousins.

How often do you get back to Crystal Lake?

Not often. If only the class reunion were in Oct. I will be going back for a wedding of a friends daughter.

Would you ever move back to the Crystal Lake area?

No. I've been in the south too long. My blood has thinned and I can't handle the cold and have no desire to shovel snow anymore.

What got you into the kind of work you are or were doing?

It was always my passion to get into the business and 20 years ago I decided to finally do it and see if I could make a living at it. I have never been sorry and it's one of the best things I have done for myself.

What previous jobs did you do?

Many different jobs but being a Mom took priority. We moved several times so it was hard to sink my teeth in to anything for very long.

What did you do immediately following high school?

I worked for a year before leaving home and saved enough money to move to Denver, Colo. I spent my single years there. I had a sister and brother living in Denver so I did have some family around. I love those mountains. I have some good memories.

My sister still lives there and my brother passed away a year ago Oct. I met my husband in Denver.

What do you see yourself doing in 2029?

I see myself content and probably doing hair still but not the hours that I'm putting in now. I see myself doing all the things I wish I had time to do now and hope I have the energy to still do them.

How long have you been married?

36 years


No Grandchildren. Kelly is married and has no children. She has 4 dogs so I have 4 Granddogs. Chad is not married (yet)

What else would you like to share about your life since CLCHS?

The list is too long. Basically I moved to Denver and loved it and have some awsome memories and experiences. Met my husband in Denver. Had our daughter in Denver and moved back to Ill. for my husbands job and lived in Bloomington/Normal for 16 years and had our son. We raised our children there and our daughter went to Illinois State. When she started College, we moved to southern Illinois for my husbands job and lived there 8 years and then have been here for 9 years. Both of our kids are here in Nashville and I'm loving it. My husband is retired and is in Real Estate. It's not the best business right now so he's trying to hang in there with it for now anyway.

School Story:

I remember when Mr. Brady died. I loved him as a teacher. It's not a funny memory but it is a memory. I wish I could remember a lot more but moving away shortly after graduation, my memory would really have to be jogged. Life took over and the rest is history.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

No, unfortunatly I have not.

What have been the high points of your life since high school?

Of course my husband and children. Marriage and children are 2 of the hardest jobs but I can sit back and say "I done good" and am so proud.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read, paint, long walks, spend time with my Mom when I can (she is 92) We lost my Dad at age 96 a year ago Feb. She is living independently (still driving short distances) near Rome Georgia. I love to garden and I always like to find something different and new to grow. This year I'm growing Loufa.

Favorite places to visit?

We love Mexico. I've yet to find some new favorite places

Places you want to visit but have not yet done so?

I would love to go to Maine. I would love to go to other countries but there are so many places in the US that I have never been. I would do that first.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I really don't know. My strength maybe. Sometimes I think I'm too strong.

Did you have any nicknames in school you wish to share?

Just Viv

What are your memories of high school?

Mr. Quick, Mr. Brady, Miss Merrick (I remember when she would walk across the front of the classroom, we all thought for sure her spiked heals would eventually seperate from the rest of her shoe and snap off and go flying across the room. She would swish her long pony tail back and forth when she walked....she had beautiful hair) I remember Mr. Margola my spanish teacher. He said he use to be a movie star and brought an 8+10 black and white glossy to class one day to show us. He told more stories of his life in Hollywood than he ever taught spanish.

Who was your favorite teacher at CLCHS and why?

Mr. Brady.....he was a kind gentle soul.

What famous or interesting people have you met?

I live in Nashville so there is a lot of fame around me. You get use to it after awhile but at first you always want a glimps of the stars. As far as interesting people I have a long list and all ages too. I guess that's why I like my career so really do meet a lot of interesting people and they tell you everything.

What cool things have you done? (Cool being defined as whatever YOU think is cool!)

I just went to a Coldplay concert. It was awsome.

Any words of wisdom?

Always have a backup plan. It eliminates the worry and stress. If you do things for someone else from your heart without expecting recognition it will never be forgotten and it will always work out. I beleive that everything happens for a reason. I've lived it many times. You've got to have stories when you're sitting in that rocking chair one day, so make those memories and have some good stories to tell.

Watched the sunrise with someone? Tell us about it!


What animal would you be if you could choose one?


Have you ever just sat outside in the rain?

Yes but not for long.

Where were you born?

Elgin, Illinois

Name something you love.

Being with my family.

How do you relax? (Mentally and/or physically!)

When I have time I read or take a walk. When I go and visit my Mom we sit on her porch and have a beer together.

When was the last time you belly laughed?

A couple of weeks ago with my sister in Arizona

Anything else we should know?

I'm sorry I can't attend this reunion. We are committed to something else this same weekend. I will be logging on to keep updated on everyone and hope that all who do attend have the very best of time. All who have put this together have done a wonderful job and I wish I had your talent. I thank you so much. It gives me warm feelings and when you haven't been connected for so long and then are able to read about people that you have lost from your past, it's an instant smile and a feeling of gratitude that you have put the time in to do this.

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