Missing Classmates

We still have 112 "Missing" Classmates - those who've not yet registered at the site. Of those, 35 were personally invited to join us but they've chosen not to. So, despite the incredible work done by our two major sleuths, Jill Johnson Maltos and Joan Corrigan Staker, we still haven't located 77 of our classmates! And MANY of them have even attended previous Reunions and would probably like to be found!

All missing classmates we know of are listed below. Those who were invited but chose not to join as "Invited to Join Site" next to their names. If you know how to get in touch with any of them, please encourage them to join the fun we've all had here getting reacquainted and keeping in touch! If you have their e-mail address YOU can invite them to join us directly from the Home Page - on the right hand side under the list of where we all reside.

Also, as of this writing, it's been ten years since we developed this site and 55% of you still haven't posted photos - so PLEASE do that! Don't you enjoy seeing what your classmates look like 49 years after graduation? We'd all love to see YOU too! Thanks to Nick Mozak for uploading our Senior Photos and class photos so we can all compare what we looked like then and now. Share photos of your family too - many people would like to see you and them!

Just remember, we're ALL 50+ years older, heavier and/or thinner and our hair's grayer, whiter, curlier, straighter or gone! We're what we are classmates - life happens to all of us - so revel in it! I'm sure most of those who made fun of us "back then" have no doubt been humbled themselves by life and grown up - but if not, do you really care what they think now? Just hope they get a life - soon!


Percentage Of Active Classmates **: 66%
A:   221   Active
B:   112   Inactive
Percentage Of Active Classmates Who Have Added Photos: 45%
A:   100   Photos
B:   121   No Photos


Gus Attiah [Invited To Join Site]
Patti Betts (Golbeck [Invited To Join…)
Pat Black [Invited To Join Site]
Cathy Bogers
Wendy Brunckhorst (Denney)
Tom Butcher [Invited To Join Site]
Miles Calkins
Maureen Cichantek
Kevin Click [Invited To Join Site]
Scott Clineman
Jeff Cogswell
Rebecca Cohenour (Brown [Invited To J…)
Ann Corrigan (Rice [Invited To Join S…)
Oma Katherine (Kate) Cowie (Linklater)
Sherry Cummings (Sutton?)
Darlene Sue Dack
Vicki Danielson
Jeff Day
Diane Dearmont (Silkwood)
Margaret (Peggy) Doherty (Ferrer)
Wade Drayer
Brenda Kay Dunn
Cheryl Eckert (Haak)
Laurel Embach (Stratton)
Janis Ann Fleming (Holtz)
Louis Foglesong
Linda Fretz (Moore [Invited To Join S…)
Kathy Gamble
Chris Gehrke
Ron George
Leonard Geske
Brian Gordon
Pat Goulding [Invited To Join Site]
Tom Greenup
Mari Haeger
Dave Harper
Barb Harvey
Tom Hilgeman
David Kenneth Hunt
Kim Hyland
Jeannie Iwaniw
Linda Jeschke [Invited To Join Site]
Jean Marie Kahle (Margoles [Invited T…)
Jim Keller [Invited To Join Site]
Judith Kent [Invited To Join Site]
John Korinko [Invited To Join Site]
Sandy Krueger (Cunningham)
Peggy Kufahl (Goettsche)
Marty Kunz
Sybil Mackintosh (Wilson [Invited To …)
Jon C. Majcher
Lenore Marsh (Lavery [Invited To Join…)
Bob Mavis
Dan McLaughlin
Dave Miller
Ken Miller [Invited To Join Site]
Rose Neumann
Linnea Nystrom [Invited To Join Site]
Bob Parker
Dorenda Peacock (Spannuth)
Michael Patrick Phillips
Robert A. Pierson
Michael Wade Pitts [Invited To Join…
Becky Porter
John Priest
Enid Randall (Grimm)
Ella F. Rasmussen
Doug Rasmussen [Invited To Join Site]
Larry Reimer [Invited To Join Site]
Denny Roberts
Mary Beth (Boo) Ryan (Shaffer)
Tom Schnell [Invited To Join Site]
Edith Ann Schroeder (MacHamer)
Valerie Schuringa (Jacques)
Linda Seacat (Conley [Invited To Join…)
Bill Seegert [Invited To Join Site]
Dave Semro [Invited To Join Site]
Sally Shelton (Pollnow)
John Smyth [Invited To Join Site]
Michael W. Stone
Gary Sutton
Shirley Turner (DeSort)
Linda (Linn) Ugorek (Bourgeau) ([Invi…)
Rich Vanek
Mike Weaver
Shirley Wegleiz
Pamela Ann Welch
Doug Willer
Deane Woelfler [Invited To Join Site]

Guest Members

Pam (Allyn)
Cheri Dannehy (Doetch)
Michael Mc Gough
Ann Swan (Givens)