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06/27/09 09:46 AM #98    

Susie Wallens (Covey)

I am having trouble w/my scanner. Will work on it next week.
Paul Frun...Paul Neuman the second
Dinzole...Will keep making up group names for her friends
Charlie..Oil Tycoon
Linda Parts...She'll run a car garage
me..Will "don" a housewife role
Lach....She'll teach French w/help from nobody...

Who wrote these things anyway???

06/27/09 12:10 PM #99    

Linda Parts (Tobin Remus )

LOL... I can see that a lot of thought was put into these prophesies....

06/27/09 03:55 PM #100    

Paul Fruin

Oh how classic - we've GOT to see those Susie!

06/27/09 10:17 PM #101    

Susie Wallens (Covey)

Hi Charlie...
The cologne was Hai Karate. I googled about going back...just watched the commercial promoting it.

Rich...In My Life is really a tear jerker. I remember
it was sung by Bette Midler in "For the boys" It was
really sad! Forgot it was originally by the Beatles.

Linda...I had forgotten "We gotta get outa this place"
Animals hit...they played it at the New Place a lot.
Was very big, apparently, for our guys in Viet Nam.

06/29/09 08:58 PM #102    

Linda Parts (Tobin Remus )

Susie, And I thought it was for all of us soon to be graduated Seniors!!

06/29/09 10:12 PM #103    

Susie Wallens (Covey)

I think a bit of both. Great song!!

07/01/09 07:02 PM #104    

Nick Mozak

Bruce Cedar and I were great friends from the 5th or 6th grade thru high school. We were in the same Boy Scout Troop # 178 and as we entered high school a little rivalry occurred when I won a part in BAKER STREET , Sophomore year, one for which he was also being considered. We still stayed good friends , however and may have double dated for some dances, I think.
We lost contact during college and after, but when I was interviewing for a position at Boston College in the mid '90's I met he and his wife for dinner and we reminisced about C.L. After I moved to Boston I saw him maybe a couple of times for lunch. He was ( at that time) a successful psychologist in private practice as well as having a consulting business with a group of colleagues working on the corporate level as in house therapists, I believe.
I will have to dig out his contact info and see if he will come to the reunion. It would be great to see him again.

07/14/09 03:34 PM #105    

Susie Wallens (Covey)

I re-emailed the "class prophecy" to Paul today as well as Mary Lou Matter is re-typing and sending to Paul.
Between the two of us...hopefully, one will be a format Paul can upload to the site.
Once again.....who wrote these?????

07/15/09 04:16 AM #106    

Paul Fruin

Thank you Mary Lou for retyping these prophecies so we can actually read them! They are now posted on the menu to the left!

07/16/09 10:00 PM #107    

Kathy Riehl (Regnier)

Hi Susie - I got the housewife title as well. Funny thing - in college there were 6 of us who were inseperable friends - we also did "prophecies" - I was listed as the first to get married. I was the last to get married - so I resisted that role for a while, I guess.

07/19/09 03:14 PM #108    

Vivian McCarthy (Tipler)

The prophecies are great. I really laughed at mine... "famed politician" I was such a shy soul in school and had such anxiety just standing to give a report in class or answer a question. I have a hard time being politicaly correct. Thanks for posting Paul and Susie for finding and Mary Lou for typing and who ever else was part of this. It's just great.

07/23/09 09:57 PM #109    

Debbie Visin (Hindman)

I just saw the prophesies too - who did write these? They are really ridiculous! I don't understand where a lot of them are coming from!

07/24/09 12:26 PM #110    

Paul Fruin

I don't think any of us do Debbie but we'd sure like to find the person/s who did them! My suspicion though is that they won't reveal themselves! :o)

07/24/09 04:54 PM #111    

Debbie Visin (Hindman)

If that person is smart, he/she won't reveal himself/herself. I think someone had way too much time on his hands!

07/24/09 08:42 PM #112    

Paul Fruin

Or "her" hands Debbie! :o) That was a long time ago when we all had more time on our hands! So you never were a telephone operator Debbie?

07/27/09 10:56 AM #113    

Susie Wallens (Covey)

I am proud to announce.....
I had nothing to do with writing the prophecies.
Mine was a no brainer back then.

07/27/09 04:53 PM #114    

Kathy Riehl (Regnier)

And I am relieved to say - that I also had nothing to do with the prophecies!

07/29/09 01:33 PM #115    

Paul Fruin

Me neither! Are we going to discover "the culprit" by a process of elimination? Hey they weren't THAT bad you guys - well.....

07/30/09 01:25 PM #116    

Susie Wallens (Covey)

No...most were pretty funny.

08/14/09 01:13 AM #117    

Paul Fruin

Does everyone that was coiming here know about the class blogs? They can be found under BLOGS Come Join Us! on the left menu bar. You'll find lots more discussion activity there these days than here!

09/16/09 07:16 AM #118    

Thomas Farrell

Mine was be a Insurance Salesman.....NOT

10/07/09 07:26 PM #119    

Donna Taylor (Magill)

Mine was to John Dewey's Accountant. Like Accounting, but cost Accounting killed that idea. Life sure does turn out different than what we think.

Tom: I would have never pictured you as a salesman.

Vic was suppose to be a skier. He did love to ski -- so he did get is nerve up. Went on to fly and dive. I guess he got quite a bit of nerve.

01/02/10 04:37 PM #120    

Diana Taylor (Beauleau)

My prophecy was a "seamstress". I have made many clothes for my girls when they were young, but haven't sewn in years. Need a better one for me......
Diana Taylor Beauleau

07/09/10 07:56 AM #121    

Jennifer Hughes (Saia)

Lee Hopp, Father to Cheryl Hopp LaSarre Gaddis, past away this past week and Cheryl asked me to post the announcement on the class website. I understand Mr. Hopp was ill for sometime, and his family was with him when he past. If anyone wishes to contact Cheryl, you can reach her at:

jen saia

12/16/10 08:27 PM #122    

Judy Zink (Gedzyk)

December 2010 ---Ho,Ho, Ho and many thanks to the generous Santa for extending the website subscription.  What a WONDERFUL gift !!!  I enjoy checking the site from time to time for updated information.  Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year to everyone !!  Judy

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