40th Reunion - Saturday Events

Hi Classmates!

Class Creator has recently added an enhancement to their websites allowing for posting of event photos. This is the Photo Gallery for Saturday's events at the September 2009 40th Reunion.

We're not yet certain how this is going to work or how many photos we can place on here so please be patient with us. We're initially going to provide everyone the opportunity to upload their photos on the site. If we run out of storage space due to our "still free" agreement with Class Creator, we reserve the right to determine which photos will stay on and which will not. If we have limited storage space, we want to make sure we have the best representation of photos on the site. So please follow the upload instructions below and just include your best photos. If you notice some of the photos you'd like to share are very similar to others posted, please don't post those photos.

If someone would like to volunteer their time, we could also create an offsite account where classmates could upload all their photos. Then we would give access to a few individulas who would choose a representative variety to transfer over to our website.

Here is the procedure for uploading your photos to the CLCHS69 website:

  1. Click "40th Reunion Photos" on the left Menu Bar.
  2. Click the Gallery you wish to post to - Friday, Saturday or Sunday events.
  3. Click the "Add you own photos to this gallery" button.
  4. Click the "Browse" button and navigate to the folder in your computer where your photos are stored. Choose the photos you wish to upload by clicking on them and holding down the "Control Key" if you want to upload numerous photos.
  5. Then write a brief description of the photo or the names of the individuals in the photo if there are only a few.
  6. Click Save Changes and your photos will be ready for viewing.

Paul Fruin
2 Photos  2/9/10
Steve Matteo
7 Photos  2/15/10
Gary Parrish
46 Photos  10/5/10
Mary Lou Matter Straus
29 Photos  4/15/11