In Memory

Ken Burgess

We are unure whether this information is correct so if someone knows otherwise, please Contact Us and correct us!

Ken drowned in the Great Forks River in western Montana on August 1, 1974 and is buried in Plains Cemetary in Sanders Co. MT. He was born 2/21/51 in St. Ignatius, MT.

His fathers was Andrew V Burgess  (who died in 1976) and Mother Gloria (who may still be living.)

If you definitively know this information and can provide additional information concerning Ken's life following high school until the time of his passing, please click the Contact Us link above and tell us what you know. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Please post your memories of Ken below.

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11/21/08 12:35 AM #1    

Gerald Wilhelmi

Does anyone know how Ken lost the body?, if so please let me know. Ken was from a Native Ameircan nation in Montana. Montana didn't have a speed limit and Ken never learned how to drive except balls to the walls. Ken would make him beg for him to slow down. I won't forget those hair raising rides...nothing has compared with it since. I gave Ken great pleasure in seeing my horror. Native American men have a rite of passage--a ritual to show their bravery and conguer their fears. In the 1920s, steal workers on the tallest sky scrapers in NYC were predominantly native americans. In the sevneties I was lured by the money paid to those who worked setting steal. The first building I set steal on was the hieght of a gymnasium. After hugging one of the girders for a time I crawled down. The Creek and Seminole native Americans were grinning form ear to ear. I couldn't get passed one wrong move and I was splat. Ken had that confidence and that same type sureness. The sweat lodges that were used by Native Americans to purify but also to seperate the spirit or life force from the body. This was something native americans won't talk about and will become embarrasseed about if the subject is brought up, the spirit. Ken came from a very spiritual people. I hope you are doing very well my friend.

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